Drama Movies

Sexual Intent 1997


Country: USA

Stars: Gary Hudson, Michele Brin, Mark Bailey,

3.8 IMDB Rating 79 Views 90 min Runtime
Videotape 2017

Suburbs of Rome (Italy), Summer of 1993. On top of a wide valley, a group of four kids has built a small shelter in w...

Country: Italy

Stars: Beatrice Mancini, Claudio Cangialosi, Alessandro Rovai,

10 IMDB Rating 15 Views 19 min Runtime
My Husband's Double Life 2018

When Sabrina suspects her husband Fletcher's possible infidelity with his numerous business trips to Paris, she disco...


Stars: Amy Nuttall, Daniel Lapaine, Chloe Sweetlove,

7 IMDB Rating 43 Views 90 min Runtime
The Secret Cellar 2003

A mansion forms the backdrop to a spate of murders, and when the spirits lurking within are awakened they bring out s...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Glen Meadows, Danielle Petty, Christina Baby,

0 IMDB Rating 12 Views 90 min Runtime
The Bystander Theory 2013

After inheriting a home from a recently deceased grandfather she never knew, Liz Jennings travels to the small Texas ...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Brad Leland, Wendy Zavaleta, Dameon Clarke,

0 IMDB Rating 12 Views 94 min Runtime
Sudden Youth 2019

No description available

Country: China

Stars: Wang Luojia, Huang Qianshuo, Shi Ce,

0 IMDB Rating 35 Views 94 min min Runtime
The Symbol of a Man: The Rule for a Vagabond 1965

A brave warrior fights to restore peace to a town riddled by crime, one sword at a time, in this historical action saga.

Country: Japan

Stars: Hideki Takahashi, Tamio Kawachi, Masako Izumi,

0 IMDB Rating 4 Views 95 min Runtime
Apple Seed 2019

On a cross country road trip to rob his home town bank Prince Mccoy finds himself having to rely on the help of an ex...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Rance Howard, Michael Worth, Adrienne Barbeau,

7 IMDB Rating 0 Views 90 min Runtime
Yassadaru Man 2018

No description available


Stars: Hisanori Sato, Maasa SudĂ´, Ayana Taketatsu,

0 IMDB Rating 52 Views 90 min min Runtime
How Was Your Day? 2016

A woman is excited about the approaching birth of her first child.

Country: Ireland

Stars: Eileen Walsh, Sean Duggan

0 IMDB Rating 27 Views 13 min Runtime
Abduction 2017

A horror comedy spoofing conspiracy theory moves, girl victim films, and Alien Grey abduction movies. Melissa rescue...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Karolina Antosik, Amelie Leroy, Tessa McGinn,

0 IMDB Rating 10 Views 90 min Runtime
The Left Handed Devil 2010

Frank Sloane is a private eye, down on his luck. When bodies start appearing and a mysterious woman shows up at his o...

Country: USA

Stars: Conrad Golovac, Jessica Kuen, Shannon Page

0 IMDB Rating 37 Views 6 min min Runtime
Virtualia Episode 1: Cyber Sex 2001

Year 2118. Earth is almost destroyed by nuclear war, and male survivors have been rendered impotent by the radiation....

Country: Sweden Spain United States of America

Stars: Lynn Stone, Nikki Anderson, Loureen Kiss,

0 IMDB Rating 37 Views 112 min Runtime
Coming Up Roses 2011

A drama centered on a former actress who subjects her 15-year-old daughter to a series of depressed small towns, mone...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Bernadette Peters, Rachel Brosnahan, Peter Friedman,

4 IMDB Rating 6 Views 93 min Runtime
Forced Alliance 2007

Set 50 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, Forced Alliance is an alternate take of the Star Wars Universe. ...


Stars: Michael Bender, Stacey Bender, Laura Coker,

0 IMDB Rating 29 Views 15 min Runtime
Delusion 2016

Three years after the death of Frank's wife a mysterious woman appears. As their attraction grows Frank struggles wit...

Country: United States of America

Stars: David Graziano, Jami Tennille, Irina Peligrad,

0 IMDB Rating 21 Views 85 min Runtime
Crossroads 2011

Domestic drama focusing on a soon to be retired train driver and his wife.

Country: Japan

Stars: Tomokazu Miura, Eiko Koike, Kimiko Yo,

0 IMDB Rating 8 Views 123 min Runtime
After 2017

An aging man lies bleeding to death in an alley. As onlookers start to gather around, he reflects on the life that he...



10 IMDB Rating 22 Views 75 min Runtime
Streets of Hope 2014

Inspired by the true story about Rev. Roger Minassian who at the age of 53 left the security of his pastorate to step...


Stars: Michael Badalucco, Avan Jogia, Deep Rai,

0 IMDB Rating 11 Views 120 min Runtime
Death Falls 1991

A terminally ill man gets his buddy to bust him out of the hospital. But, in the process, the duo antagonizes a city ...


Stars: Rip Torn, Roberts Blossom, Beverly Garland,

0 IMDB Rating 15 Views 83 min Runtime
Probable Cause 2012

Sometimes you have to look past the evidence to truly understand the crime.

Country: United States of America

Stars: Lisa Arrindell, Che Broadway, gabriel burgess,

0 IMDB Rating 94 Views 97 min Runtime
Message From A Mistress 2017

Longtime best friends Renee, Aria, Jaime and Jessa have shared just about everything. All hell breaks loose when Jess...



0 IMDB Rating 69 Views 82 min Runtime
Hunt Place 2012

Purgatory or something like it.

Country: USA

Stars: Gerard Garilli

0 IMDB Rating 79 Views 10 min min Runtime

During a frantic police car chase, a fleeing Thief crashes into several twisted characters sending them to an Emergen...



0 IMDB Rating 30 Views 78 min Runtime
The Touch 2005

Short - A young woman struggles with crime and drugs in this drama based on a true story - Kristia Knowles, Shauna B...


Stars: Brooke Newton, Kristia Knowles, Ben Affan,

0 IMDB Rating 5 Views 90 min Runtime
Un jeu d'enfant 1990

No description available


Stars: Dominique Lavanant, Jean Carmet, Laura Morante,

0 IMDB Rating 34 Views min Runtime
Joy in the Morning 1965

Carl Brown and Annie McGairy are in love. Their Irish immigrant parents knew each other in the old country - and Carl...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Richard Chamberlain, Yvette Mimieux, Arthur Kennedy,

0 IMDB Rating 24 Views 103 min Runtime
When We Were Young 2016

Autumn of 1982, in a small town on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. A story about two childhood friends staying together t...

Country: China


0 IMDB Rating 18 Views 110 min Runtime
Fire Over Afghanistan 2003

Blackhawk pilot and reporter are knocked out of the sky over renegade warlord's territory and struggle against imposs...



0 IMDB Rating 70 Views 90 min Runtime
Sweet Old World 2012

A father and son become trapped in their grief when a family member dies. Over the years their relationship grows str...

Country: United States of America

Stars: John Nielsen, Jacques Colimon, Gwendolyn Oliver,

0 IMDB Rating 3 Views 86 min Runtime
Royal Space Force - The Wings Of Honneamise 1987

On a future Earth, war between the Kingdom of Honneamise and its rival, The Republic, is inevitable. As evolving tech...

Country: Japan

Stars: Leo Morimoto, Mitsuki Yayoi, Aya Murata,

6.9 IMDB Rating 109 Views 121 min Runtime
Dimensions 2011

Stephen is a brilliant young boy who lives in England, in what appears to be the 1920s—but nothing in Stephen’s l...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Camilla Rutherford, Patrick Godfrey,

4.8 IMDB Rating 69 Views 99 min Runtime