War Movies

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn 2012

In 2525, as mankind has begun to colonise space, a group of cadets are training to fight against human insurrectionis...


Stars: Tom Green, Anna Popplewell, Daniel Cudmore,

6.781 IMDB Rating 83 Views 91 min Runtime
Skeleton Coast 1988

A retired Army colonel attempts to rescue his imprisoned son in this action packed thriller. To save his CIA operativ...

Country: South Africa USA

Stars: Ernest Borgnine, Robert Vaughn, Oliver Reed,

3.8 IMDB Rating 104 Views 98 min Runtime
Irina, la Mallette rouge 2014


Stars: Aman Bain, Anna Cottis, Axel Honounou,

0 IMDB Rating 25 Views 90 min Runtime
Terminator Salvation 2009

All grown up in post-apocalyptic 2018, John Connor must lead the resistance of humans against the increasingly domina...

Country: Germany Italy United Kingdom United States of America

Stars: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Moon Bloodgood,

6 IMDB Rating 110 Views 115 min Runtime
Killzone Intercept 2012

The film is based on the Killzone series, a popular first person shooter on the PlayStation 3 platform. It's an indep...


Stars: Don Cano, Russ Hobbie, Shannon Hoppe,

7 IMDB Rating 84 Views 15 min Runtime
S.S. Doomtrooper 2006

A genetically bred Nazi super soldier fights Allied troops.

Country: United States of America

Stars: Corin Nemec, James Pomichter, Marian Filali,

4.8 IMDB Rating 71 Views 90 min Runtime
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin V: Clash at Loum 2017

Universal Century 0079. Humanity has turned even space itself into a battlefield, and the Principality of Zeon forces...

Country: Japan

Stars: Shuuichi Ikeda, Megumi Han, TĹŤru Furuya,

7.7 IMDB Rating 14 Views 84 min Runtime
Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008

An evil elf breaks an ancient pact between humans and creatures, and is on a mission to release 'The Golden Army', a ...

Country: Germany United States of America

Stars: Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones,

6.7 IMDB Rating 162 Views 120 min Runtime
The Last Tattoo 1994

In 1943, U.S. marines are stationed near Wellington. One of them is murdered by the boss of the Hotel Workers Union,...

Country: New Zealand

Stars: Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Fox, Robert Loggia,

6.7 IMDB Rating 122 Views 113 min Runtime
Reign of Terror 1949

The French Revolution, 1794. The Marquis de Lafayette asks Charles D'Aubigny to infiltrate the Jacobin Party to overt...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Richard Hart,

6.6 IMDB Rating 75 Views 87 min Runtime
King and Country 1964

During World War I, Army Private Arthur James Hamp is accused of desertion during battle. The officer assigned to def...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Tom Courtenay, Leo McKern,

7.2 IMDB Rating 109 Views 85 min Runtime
Waterloo Bridge 1940

On the eve of World War II, a British officer revisits Waterloo Bridge and recalls the young man he was at the beginn...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Lucile Watson,

7.8 IMDB Rating 13 Views 109 min Runtime
The Long and the Short and the Tall 1961

Based on a play by Willis Hall. A troop of British soldiers are out in the jungle to record jungle noises and troop n...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Laurence Harvey, Richard Todd, Richard Harris,

7.6 IMDB Rating 1 Views 110 min Runtime
Henry V 1989

Gritty adaption of William Shakespeare's play about the English King's bloody conquest of France.

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed,

7.4 IMDB Rating 164 Views 137 min Runtime
Breaker Morant 1980

During the Boer War, three Australian lieutenants are on trial for shooting Boer prisoners. Though they acted under o...

Country: Australia

Stars: Edward Woodward, Jack Thompson, Bryan Brown,

7.2 IMDB Rating 163 Views 107 min Runtime
South Pacific 1958

Can a girl from Little Rock find happiness with a mature French planter she got to know one enchanted evening away fr...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor, John Kerr,

6.4 IMDB Rating 160 Views 157 min Runtime
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle 1939

In 1911, minor stage comic, Vernon Castle meets the stage-struck Irene Foote. A few misadventures later, they marry a...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edna May Oliver,

7.2 IMDB Rating 54 Views 93 min Runtime
The Night of the Generals 1967

An unusual World War II crime thriller about a Nazi investigation into the murder of a prostitute. Major Grau finds h...

Country: France United Kingdom United States of America Poland

Stars: Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Tom Courtenay,

6.7 IMDB Rating 163 Views 148 min Runtime
Two Mules for Sister Sara 1970

Hogan, on his way to do some reconnaissance for a future mission to capture a French fort, encounters Sister Sara, a ...

Country: Mexico United States of America

Stars: Shirley MacLaine, Clint Eastwood, Manolo Fábregas,

7 IMDB Rating 83 Views 114 min Runtime
Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War 2004

When two brothers are forced to fight in the Korean War, the elder decides to take the riskiest missions if it will h...

Country: South Korea

Stars: Jang Dong-gun, Won Bin, Lee Eun-ju,

7.7 IMDB Rating 50 Views 149 min Runtime
Background to Danger 1943

An American gets caught up in wartime action in Turkey.

Country: United States of America

Stars: George Raft, Brenda Marshall, Sydney Greenstreet,

6.7 IMDB Rating 0 Views 80 min Runtime
Ghosts of War 2020

World War II. A group of American soldiers encounter a supernatural enemy as they occupy a French castle previously u...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Brenton Thwaites, Theo Rossi, Skylar Astin,

3.5 IMDB Rating 0 Views 90 min Runtime
Operation Dunkirk 2017

A band of soldiers tasked with staying behind during the Battle of Dunkirk to rescue a scientist with information tha...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Ifan Meredith, Kimberley Hews, Michael Wouters,

4.2 IMDB Rating 89 Views 95 min Runtime
The Ottoman Lieutenant 2017

Lillie, a determined American woman, ventures overseas to join Dr. Jude at a remote medical mission in the Ottoman Em...

Country: Turkey United States of America

Stars: Michiel Huisman, Hera Hilmar, Josh Hartnett,

6.1 IMDB Rating 112 Views 111 min Runtime
Custer of the West 1967

Biopic of General George Armstrong Custer from his rise to prominence in the Civil War through to his "last stand" at...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Robert Shaw, Mary Ure, Ty Hardin,

5.5 IMDB Rating 38 Views 140 min Runtime
The Dirty Dozen 1967

12 American military prisoners in World War II are ordered to infiltrate a well-guarded enemy château and kill the N...

Country: United Kingdom United States of America

Stars: Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Charles Bronson,

7.7 IMDB Rating 92 Views 150 min Runtime
How I Won the War 1967

An inept British WWII commander leads his troops to a series of misadventures in North Africa and Europe.

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Michael Crawford, John Lennon, Roy Kinnear,

5.4 IMDB Rating 86 Views 109 min Runtime
Greyhound 2020

A first-time captain leads a convoy of allied ships carrying thousands of soldiers across the treacherous waters of t...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Tom Hanks, Elisabeth Shue, Stephen Graham,

4.8 IMDB Rating 19 Views 91 min Runtime
Lore 2012

End of World War II, 1945. Lore leads her four younger siblings across a war-torn Germany. Amidst the chaos, she enco...

Country: Australia Germany United Kingdom

Stars: Saskia Rosendahl, Kai-Peter Malina, Nele Trebs,

6.9 IMDB Rating 263 Views 105 min Runtime
Rob Roy 1995

In the highlands of Scotland in the 1700s, Rob Roy tries to lead his small town to a better future, by borrowing mone...

Country: United Kingdom United States of America

Stars: Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, John Hurt,

6.8 IMDB Rating 130 Views 139 min Runtime
Allied 2016

In 1942, an intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission be...

Country: United Kingdom United States of America

Stars: Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris,

6.7 IMDB Rating 177 Views 124 min Runtime
American Sniper 2014

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle takes his sole mission—protect his comrades—to heart and becomes one of the most lethal...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Kyle Gallner,

7.4 IMDB Rating 162 Views 133 min Runtime