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Surkhi Bindi
8 IMDB Rating 157 Views

Surkhi Bindi Movie

( 2019 )
Rano grew up dreaming of marrying a Prince Charming from Canada, but soon she realises she possesses no quality to attract a groom from there. She is a brilliant make-up artist and hopes that this talent would somehow get her an NRI groom. Alas, her world falls apart when she is forced to marry Sukha, who she dislikes.Fate soon leaves the young couple homeless, and they start life anew, and start a beauty salon within the one room which they have rented. Soon their world turns around, and Rano starts planning on moving to Canada. In order to earn the cash needed she enters a Beauty Contest to fulfil her dreams. SURKHI BINDI is the story of a young couple with separate dreams and how they arrive at their destinations together.


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