Putlocker 2015 Movies

#Horror 2015

Inspired by actual events, a group of 12 year old girls face a night of horror when the compulsive addiction of an on...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Chloë Sevigny, Timothy Hutton, Natasha Lyonne,

3.3 IMDB Rating 42 Views 90 min Runtime
#Lucky Number 2015

No description available

Country: United States of America

Stars: Tom Pelphrey, Natalie Hall, Method Man,

6 IMDB Rating 17 Views 80 min min Runtime
(T)ERROR 2015

This real-life look at FBI counterterrorism operations features access to both sides of a sting: the government infor...

Country: United States of America


6.8 IMDB Rating 87 Views 93 min Runtime
10 Cent Pistol 2015

A story about two lifelong criminals who maneuver through the shady underbelly of Los Angeles in search of wealth, lo...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Jena Malone, Joe Mantegna, Adam Arkin,

4.7 IMDB Rating 125 Views 91 min min Runtime
10 Days in a Madhouse 2015

Nellie Bly, a 23 year-old reporter for Joseph Pulitzer, goes undercover in the notorious Blackwell's Island women's i...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Caroline Barry, Christopher Lambert, Kelly LeBrock,

5.4 IMDB Rating 99 Views 111 min Runtime
10 Endrathukulla 2015

A skilled car driver takes on an assignment to deliver a 'package' from Chennai to Uttarkhand. What he doesn't realiz...

Country: India

Stars: Vikram, Samantha Akkineni, Pasupathy Masilamani,

5.2 IMDB Rating 80 Views 144 min min Runtime
10,000 Saints 2015

A sweeping multigenerational story set against the backdrop of the raw, roaring New York City of the late 1980s; adop...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Ethan Hawke, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld,

5.9 IMDB Rating 51 Views 113 min Runtime
11 Blocks 2015

No description available

Country: Canada

Stars: Craig Henry, Vivek Patel, Bo Martyn,

3.3 IMDB Rating 16 Views 78 min min Runtime
11 Minutes 2015

No description available

Country: Ireland, Poland

Stars: Richard Dormer, Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Andrzej Chyra,

5.7 IMDB Rating 3 Views 81 min min Runtime
12 Rounds 3: Lockdown 2015

Lockdown Follows a police officer who returns to duty after recovering from a gun shot wound to discover incriminatin...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Jonathan Good, Roger Cross, Daniel Cudmore,

4.9 IMDB Rating 35 Views 90 min Runtime
12 Weeks 2015

In a public mall bathroom, Lilly, François, and their 6-year-old daughter bid farefell to an unborn family member.

Country: Canada

Stars: Rémi-Pierre Paquin, Anne-Marie Égré, Charlotte St-Martin,

7 IMDB Rating 39 Views 13 min min Runtime
13 Cameras 2015

No description available

Country: United States of America

Stars: PJ McCabe, Sean Carrigan, Sarah Baldwin,

5.2 IMDB Rating 22 Views 87 min min Runtime
13 Minutes 2015

The breath-taking story of a man who nearly would have changed the world. In 1939, when Hitler tricked millions of pe...

Country: Germany

Stars: Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Burghart Klaußner,

7 IMDB Rating 91 Views 114 min Runtime
144 2015

A small-time thief and a car driver collude with an artist to steal the gold hoarded by a jeweller, taking advantage ...

Country: India

Stars: Shiva, Ashok Selvan, Oviya Helen,

5 IMDB Rating 32 Views 120 min min Runtime
160 Characters 2015

When a vintage Nokia is recharged, a compelling real life story is revealed. A story that unfolds in just 100 texts a...



3 IMDB Rating 83 Views 11 min Runtime
1915 2015

Exactly 100 years after the Armenian Genocide, a theatre director stages a play to bring the ghosts of the past back ...


Stars: Simon Abkarian, Angela Sarafyan, Sam Page,

5.5 IMDB Rating 54 Views 82 min Runtime
3 Days 2015

A man has died. He must now re-live his last three days on earth devoid of his personal memories to determine his pla...



0 IMDB Rating 66 Views 99 min Runtime
3-D Rarities 2015

Selections include Kelley's Plasticon Pictures, the earliest extant 3-D demonstration film from 1922 with incredible ...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Daws Butler, Stan Freberg, Richard Carlson,

0 IMDB Rating 39 Views 145 min Runtime
3-Headed Shark Attack 2015

The world’s greatest killing machine is three times as deadly when a mutated shark threatens a cruise ship. As the ...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Karrueche Tran, Jaason Simmons, Rob Van Dam,

3.6 IMDB Rating 43 Views 90 min Runtime
300 Souls 2015

Daily life in a Marseille overnight shelter. Caught between last-resort solutions and feeling trapped, three hundred ...

Country: France


6.5 IMDB Rating 87 Views 82 min min Runtime
3:33 a.m. 2015

After two years in prison, John Spinelli is a free man. But as he grapples with his mad mix of macabre neighbors, Joh...


Stars: Chris Kotcher, Jason Roth, Daniel Falicki

2 IMDB Rating 76 Views 139 min Runtime
3½ Minutes, Ten Bullets 2015

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving November 2012, four boys in a red SUV pull into a gas station after spending...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Lucia McBath, Ron Davis, Michael David Dunn,

7.5 IMDB Rating 28 Views 98 min Runtime
400 Days 2015

4 would be astronauts spend 400 days in a land locked space simulator to test the psychological effects of deep space...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, Tom Cavanagh,

4.3 IMDB Rating 72 Views 91 min Runtime
45 Years 2015

There is just one week until Kate Mercer's 45th wedding anniversary and the planning for the party is going well. But...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay, Geraldine James,

6.5 IMDB Rating 68 Views 95 min Runtime
4Got10 2015

Brian Barnes (Johnny Messner) wakes up in the desert wounded and with no memory and no idea why he's surrounded by ei...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, Johnny Messner,

4.3 IMDB Rating 44 Views 84 min Runtime
4th Man Out 2015

After a night of drinking, Adam Hutcherson stumbles out of the closet to his three straight buddies. A disruption to...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Evan Todd, Parker Young, Chord Overstreet,

7 IMDB Rating 79 Views 87 min Runtime
51 Degrees North 2015

No description available


Stars: Moritz von Zeddelmann, Dolly-Ann Osterloh, Steven Cree,

4.3 IMDB Rating 3 Views 88 min min Runtime
6 Days Dark 2015

The victim of an ancient Gypsy curse, a young Serbian woman's world becomes surreal and deadly.

Country: Canada

Stars: Svetlana D. Petković, Lorena Rincon, Peter J. Chaffey,

5 IMDB Rating 68 Views 90 min Runtime
6 Ways to Die 2015

Sonny "Sundown" Garcia is the top cocaine distributor in the United States, which has made him a very rich and powerf...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Vinnie Jones, Michael Rene Walton, Vivica A. Fox,

4.8 IMDB Rating 40 Views 103 min Runtime
600 Miles 2015

No description available

Country: United States of America, Mexico

Stars: Tim Roth, Kristyan Ferrer, Harrison Thomas,

6.3 IMDB Rating 14 Views 85 min min Runtime
7 Cases 2015

No description available

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Steven Berkoff, Dave Vincent Philips, Paul Cooper,

2.7 IMDB Rating 17 Views 95 min min Runtime
7 Chinese Brothers 2015

Larry is an unqualified, unemployable, inebriated prankster who rides a tide of booze onto the glorious shores of an ...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Jason Schwartzman, Stephen Root, Olympia Dukakis,

5.2 IMDB Rating 76 Views 75 min Runtime