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Taken at Birth 2019

A Heartbreaking Story of Hundreds of Illegally Sold Babies.

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The Murder Castle 2017

H.H. Holmes builds a three-story hotel in Chicago where he tortures and kills an untold number of people visiting the...

Country: US

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Countdown To Murder 2013

Countdown to Murder is a documentary series that takes a close look at some of the country's most high-profile murder...

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Trial by Media 2020

In our modern media landscape where real courtroom dramas have increasingly been transformed into a form of entertain...

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No One Saw a Thing 2019

A true crime documentary series that examines an unsolved murder in the Heartland and the corrosive effects of vigila...

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House of Horrors: Kidnapped 2014

HOUSE OF HORRORS: KIDNAPPED tells the gripping stories of people who were kidnapped and lived to tell. Each episode r...

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Mark of a Killer 2019

Serial Killer Behaviors, Postmortem Rituals, and Crime Scene Souvenirs Are Examined in Oxygen Media's New Six-Part Se...

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Who the (Bleep)... 2013

Building off the success of ID’s hit series WHO THE (BLEEP) DID I MARRY?, this new spinoff goes one step further to...

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