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Set in the Caribbean islands, Coupled follows 12 single, smart and young professional women looking for love, who wil...

5.7 IMDB Rating 106 Views min Runtime
Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai takes place 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament and finds Johnny Lawrence on...

8.4 IMDB Rating 226 Views min Runtime
Top Chef: Masters 2009

Bravo’s Top Chef Masters returns for a fifth season with 13 new award-winning chefs ready to compete for bragging r...

Country: US

7.7 IMDB Rating 118 Views 42 min Runtime
NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles is a drama about the high stakes world of undercover surveillance at the Office of Special Projects...

7.6 IMDB Rating 541 Views min Runtime
Flight HS13 2016


Country: NL

6.2 IMDB Rating 114 Views 50 min Runtime
Project Runway: Fashion Startup

Project Runway: Fashion Startup showcases aspiring fashion and beauty entrepreneurs as they pitch their concepts for ...

5.5 IMDB Rating 95 Views min Runtime
Stranger Things

When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief, and his friends must confront terrifying forces in order to ...

8.8 IMDB Rating 297 Views min Runtime
Shark Tank

Shark Tank follows aspiring entrepreneurs as they present various business ideas to moguls (known as "the sharks") in...

7.7 IMDB Rating 330 Views min Runtime

When Donald Duck decides to join the Navy, he leaves his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, in the care of his cantanker...

8.1 IMDB Rating 259 Views min Runtime
Love, Death & Robots 2019

A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy.

Country: US

8.5 IMDB Rating 175 Views 15 min Runtime
Fur TV 2004

Fur TV is a British sitcom about the residents of Furry Avenue, where people and puppets live side-by-side. The main ...

Country: GB

7.6 IMDB Rating 94 Views 22 min Runtime
Unhitched 2008

A 35-year-old man is a newcomer to the world of dating when his marriage crumbles after more than 10 happy years.

Country: US

4.2 IMDB Rating 135 Views 30 min Runtime
Jekyll 2007

London, 2007. Tom Jackman is the only living descendent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He has made a deal with his dark ...

Country: GB

7.8 IMDB Rating 101 Views 55 min Runtime
Coverband 2014

No one grows up wanting to play in a covers band. It’s what happens when the dream of being a rock star has faded a...

Country: NZ

6 IMDB Rating 110 Views 30 min Runtime
Jane the Virgin

Jane Villanueva, a religious young Latina woman, has her vow to save her virginity until her marriage shattered when ...

8.1 IMDB Rating 307 Views min Runtime
The Returned

In a small Alpine village, a group of men, women and children is in a state of confusion as they try to return to the...

8.2 IMDB Rating 113 Views min Runtime