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Kessler's Lab
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Kessler's Lab Movie

( 2017 )
Kessler's lab was created to run drug trials to determine what went wrong with a once popular mood stabilizing drug. Dr. Martin Kessler cloned his own daughter, who died from the drug. Once with ten test subjects, he and Dr Josephine Vanderhill are now left with only a few dying, sick clones, and one healthy placebo, Jenny. Daniel Powell runs the day to day operations and tends to the clones, administering the very drug that is killing them. When Dr. Kessler unexpectedly dies, instead of shutting down the facility, Dr Vanderhill wants to intensify the testing. She targets Jenny, and convinces Daniel to administer the pills in highly concentrated doses, sure to be fatal. Now conflicted, Daniel is determined to stop her and save the clones.


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