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The Avenue 2017

What happens when a bored middle aged soccer mom and her feisty friend accidentally kidnaps their favorite celebrity?


Stars: Leanna Adams, Kristopher Charles, Tim Ellis

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Lokalmatador 2020


Stars: Adrian Dittus, Dennis Klose, Jana Leutenegger,

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Seduction Theory is a darkly comic coming of age story of a boy, his psychiatrist father and the girl he can’t get ...


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Kini 2020

When a sweet old lady manages to reunite her family to tell them she won the lottery, her despicable children start b...

Country: Uruguay

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Night Shifts 2020

Two old friends reconnect in an unexpected encounter.

Country: Canada

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Walk... Don't Walk 1968

Chevy Chase is a pedestrian about to cross the street, when the walk/don't walk light starts changing just before he ...



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Cannabism 2011

In a city that has been hit by a marijuana drought, two desperate pot heads accost a mysterious and over zealous hobo...


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Detective Conan: 16 Suspects 2002

Conan Edogawa and the rest of the gang are invited to Inspector Ninzaburou Shiratori's villa for a small gathering. T...


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