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Ms. Cannibal Holocaust
10 IMDB Rating 24 Views

Ms. Cannibal Holocaust Movie

( 2012 )
The remaining tenants of a rundown poverty-row apartment building, one day away from demolition, suddenly find themselves under siege by a cannibal cult that has been terrorizing the city and their preacher like female leader known only as "The Woman". Why this preacher has picked them as her latest victims is unknown, but her plan for them is clear - they WILL know pain, they WILL know fear, and they WILL know suffering before she kills each and every one of them. With all their connections to the outside world severed, the tenants can only do their best to holdout before they are hunted down... and consumed. Then hope seems to arrive in the form of a second woman... but is this "Girl" there to save them, or does she have her own agenda with the cult... and specifically "The Woman"? And how has she come about these special powers to aid her in her thirst for revenge? She's coming. And vengeance will be upon them. - Written by Ron Bonk



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