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One Night In Kathmandu
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One Night In Kathmandu Movie

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A GIRL, 26-together with a BOY, 33, who is a stranger to her-- take an injured man to a hospital when an accident take places near them one evening in Kathmandu. The girl, a failed poet, is lost and depressed. She doesn't respond to the boy's friendly gestures. She is returning to her village in the morning after years of struggle in the city. The boy, a tour guide from India, is on a trip to Kathmandu, and is also returning in the morning. They leave the hospital after the injured man's relatives arrive, and part. But they meet again unexpectedly when the girl has to leave her friend's place where she went to stay. With no place to stay, and only some hours left, they begin to wander around. And as they roam around the streets and alleys of the city, by the time morning comes, the girl realizes that she had become a different person.


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