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Scrap for Victory
5.4 IMDB Rating 18 Views

Scrap for Victory Movie

( 1943 )


The opening scene shows a battle going on, and a soldier tells his commanding officer that they're running low on artillery. The commanding officer phones in to headquarters, and he tells them of the situation. During the rest of the cartoon, a song tells how all scrap donations are needed for the war effort. Dump trucks and horsedrawn carts going up and down city streets, and people throw their scraps, such as old pots, pans and shoes, into the truck/wagon. At one point, someone throws a picture of Adolf Hitler into the back of one of the wagons. The song goes "Have you got any scrap, have you got any wood, any iron, rubber, or tin? For we need all your might, Uncle Sam's in a fight, and he needs your help again."


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