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The Hunt for the Amber Room
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The Hunt for the Amber Room Movie

( 2012 )
It's the greatest myth of the German post-war era: The Amber Room. Since its disappearance in 1945 from Koenigsberg Castle, legions of treasure hunters have tried and failed to find the room. It is said that Physics genius, Albert Einstein hid the legendary Amber Room from the Nazis in the turmoil of the last days of the war. It bears a secret within its amber - in wrong hands, it could destroy mankind! Our adventurers, Eik, Katharina and Justus, come across an incredible trace and with the help of Einstein's great-granddaughter Mila, together they fight off a ruthless pharmaceutical magnate who spares no effort to get ahold of the Amber Room. From Europe's biggest monument in Leipzig, through the halls of Munich's German Museum, across the dunes of St. Peter-Ording, to the Nazi caves of the Berchtesgaden Alps. The adventurous hunt begins. Written by Dreamtool Entertainment


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