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The Lost Is Found
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The Lost Is Found Movie

( 1999 )
Jesus uses the lives of Miriam, Jonah and Matthew along with the parables of the lost coin and the lost sheep to show how mercy, forgiveness and love are generously extended to all sinners. One sinner's repentance is rejoiced by many. The Lost is Found is the story of three sinners, Miriam the harlot, Jonah, a sick man, and Matthew the publican. The parables of the lost coin and the lost sheep are weaved into these three stories to show forgiveness for all sinners who repent. The video opens with Miriam working in a pub as a waitress and harlot. She is trapped in this life due to debt and guilt. A letter comes from her brother, Jonah, to the house of a scribe. The scribe reads the letter which tells of her brother's expected death. The scribe does not invite Miriam inside his house because he believes a sinner should not enter the house of the righteous.


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