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Thokar Movie

( 1974 )
After being released from jail, Shyamu returns home to his village and his home to his mom, and blind sister, Radha. Shyamu and his mom try to get Radha married, but in vain, as no one wants to marry blind woman. Shyamu takes Radha for treatment to Dr. Ashok, who assures them that her vision can be restored, and the cost is around Rs.5000/-. Shyamu come up with the money, and soon Radha gets her eyesight back. One day, Shyamu rescues a beautiful young woman, Seema, from being raped by Gangu, takes her home, nurses her, and falls head-over-heels in love with her. He hopes to marry her. His mother is thrilled and plans the marriage of both Shyamu and Radha. But there is a hitch in the plans. Seema loves another man - a man to whom Shyamu is indebted to for life. Will this man permit Shyamu to marry Seema?


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