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Walk the Dark Street
5.6 IMDB Rating 8 Views

Walk the Dark Street Movie

( 1956 )
Dan (Don Ross) returns to L.A. having fought in the Korean War. He meets with Frank (Chuck Connors) the brother of Tommy who was one of the men killed under Dan’s command. Tommy wasn't happy at being passed over for promotion and wrote to his brother to say that if he died Dan would be to blame. Frank explains to Dan that his heart condition means he can no longer go big game hunting and makes him a lucrative offer to have a ‘hunt’ in L.A. with both men armed only with camera guns. Unbeknown to Dan, Frank replaces his camera round with a live bullet and plans to kill him in revenge for his brother’s death. The two men engage in a two day game of cat and mouse which is complicated by the involvement of Tommy’s wife and a mix up at a sports shop. As the men finally get each other in their sights who will win and who will die?



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