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Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops
2.5 IMDB Rating 83 Views

Zombie Ninjas vs Black Ops Movie

( 2015 )
In the clandestine research tower of a ruthless Japanese security and arms company, Saisei Security, scientist MALI awakens employed mercenaries killed in combat, their death giving rise to a new, vicious breed of zombie... ZOMBIE NINJAS. Trapped amongst unsuspecting civilians, including former tactical operative DILLON (Adam T Perkins), the ZOMBIE NINJAS commanded by a ferocious leader (Soa 'The Hulk' Palelei) are unleashed in the inner city high-rise. They soon face off with the covert response mission deployed to fight back. This elite black ops team underestimates the brutality of their encounter, which ultimately tests their loyalty and friendship, resulting in a frightful assault between these two highly skilled lethal forces and DILLON thrust in the middle fighting for survival.



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