Putlocker "French" Movies

Black Diamond 2010

Black Diamond uncovers the mechanisms of the lucrative international trade of hundreds of young African players with ...

Country: France


8 IMDB Rating 113 Views 90 min Runtime
Dead Girls Dancing 2023

Three recent high-school graduates pick up an intriguing backpacker while on an Italian road trip.

Country: France, Germany

Stars: Luna Jordan, Noemi Nicolaisen, Katharina Stark,

1 IMDB Rating 11 Views 98 min Runtime
Manhattan Romance 2013

Annette is a young French actress. During her stay in New York to promote her latest film, she meets up with Alex, an...

Country: France, United States of America

Stars: Jean-Marc Barr, Isild Le Besco, Karine Kocharian

5 IMDB Rating 140 Views 77 min Runtime
Niofar 2016

Niofar, is a visual poem which tells the story of a young woman's stay in Senegal where she hopes to find her place i...

Country: France, Senegal

Stars: Gigi Dia, Soliane Moisset

5.6 IMDB Rating 200 Views 7 min Runtime
Real Fighter 2012

A french Muay Thai boxer is becoming really famous in France. They all talk about him on the newspapers, on TV and ev...

Country: France

Stars: Jérome Adamoli, Olivier Pagès, Alberto,

0 IMDB Rating 110 Views 4 min Runtime
Cut the Chit Chat 2020

Hairdressing salons, or beauty salons, have always been a place where most people feel comfortable to vent and talk a...

Country: France

Stars: Ali Abdallah, Warren Chambina, Arsène Chapron

6.4 IMDB Rating 778 Views 25 min Runtime
Everybody Calls Me Mike 2023

Thibault, Isabelle and their son Jeremie board their sailboat Joshua to sail the world and live a new life. The Gulf ...

Country: France

Stars: Abderissaak Mohamed, Daphné Patakia, Pierre Lottin

1 IMDB Rating 36 Views 87 min Runtime
Cinéma Laika 2023

In the heart of the Finnish forest, the long-closed foundry of the little town of Karkkila has come back to life than...

Country: Finland, France

Stars: Aki Kaurismäki

0 IMDB Rating 7 Views 81 min Runtime
Moloch Tropical 2009

An uprising threatens the president's celebratory dinner.

Country: France, Haiti

Stars: Zinedine Soualem, Sonia Rolland, Mireille Metellus,

5 IMDB Rating 1 Views 110 min Runtime
One Night in Paris 2021

Mixing sketches with rapid-fire sets, this special brings together top comedians from France's stand-up scene as they...

Country: France

Stars: Roman Frayssinet, Kyan Khojandi, Djimo,

5.325 IMDB Rating 4 Views 64 min Runtime
Santiago, Italia 2018

After the coup d'État of the Democratic government of Allende, the embassy of Italy in Santiago played a major role ...

Country: Chile, France, Italy

Stars: Nanni Moretti, Patricio Guzmán, Carmen Castillo,

7.3 IMDB Rating 49 Views 80 min Runtime
The Hairdresser's Husband 1990

The film begins in a flashback from the titular character, Antoine. We are introduced to his fixation with female hai...

Country: France

Stars: Jean Rochefort, Anna Galiena, Roland Bertin,

7 IMDB Rating 38 Views 82 min Runtime
Restless 2022

After going to extremes to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop's life spirals out of control when he starts receiving...

Country: Belgium, France

Stars: Franck Gastambide, Simon Abkarian, Michaël Abiteboul,

6.083 IMDB Rating 2 Views 95 min Runtime
Him 2021

Lacking inspiration, a composer isolates himself at a desolate house, on a small island, in Brittany. There he finds ...

Country: France

Stars: Guillaume Canet, Virginie Efira, Mathieu Kassovitz,

4.563 IMDB Rating 4 Views 88 min Runtime
Nightride 2022

In this single shot thriller, we're in the driver's seat with small-time dealer Budge as he tries to pull one last de...

Country: France, Ireland, United States of America

Stars: Moe Dunford, Joana Ribeiro, Gerard Jordan,

6.269 IMDB Rating 2 Views 97 min Runtime
Someone Behind the Door 1971

A neurosurgeon with a cheating wife takes an amnesiac into his home and conditions him to believe that the cheating w...

Country: France

Stars: Charles Bronson, Anthony Perkins, Jill Ireland,

5.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views 97 min Runtime
Fireheart 2022

The film explores the world of firefighters in 1920s New York City and tells the story of a 16-year-old girl who will...

Country: Canada, France, United Kingdom

Stars: Olivia Cooke, Kenneth Branagh, William Shatner,

7.4 IMDB Rating 4 Views 92 min Runtime
Taste 2021

Bassley, a Nigerian footballer living in Vietnam, has been unable to make a living since he broke his leg. He and fou...

Country: France, Germany, Singapore,

Stars: Olegunleko Ezekiel Gbenga, Khuong Thi Minh Nga, Vu Thi Tham Thin,

5.4 IMDB Rating 1 Views 97 min Runtime
Boîte Noire 2020

It follows a young and talented black box analyst (Niney) on a mission to solve the reason behind the deadly crash of...

Country: France

Stars: Pierre Niney, Marine Vacth, Lou de Laâge,

0 IMDB Rating 96 Views 90 min Runtime
Song Express 2021

Franck just had the most crazy and wonderful idea for a company that would finally get him and his friends proper job...

Country: France

Stars: Jérémy Lopez, Alice Pol, Artus,

6.456 IMDB Rating 3 Views 96 min Runtime
10.000 Nights in the Jungle 2021

Japan, 1944. Trained for intelligence work, Hiroo Onoda, 22 years old, discovers a philosophy contrary to the officia...

Country: Belgium, France, Germany,

Stars: Yuya Endo, Kanji Tsuda, Yûya Matsuura,

0 IMDB Rating 41 Views 160 min Runtime
Dark Glasses 2022

Diana, a high-class prostitute trying to escape from a serial killer, suffers a car accident that leaves her blind an...

Country: France, Italy

Stars: Ilenia Pastorelli, Asia Argento, Andrea Zhang,

4.675 IMDB Rating 1 Views 86 min Runtime
Marcus 2015

Patrick Savey plunges us into Marcus's world, capturing the New York roots of the legendary bass player, following hi...

Country: France

Stars: Marcus Miller, Ahmad Jamal, Kenny Washington,

6 IMDB Rating 2 Views 97 min Runtime
GIMS: On the Record 2020

Go backstage with beloved rap superstar Gims in the year leading up to his major 2019 Stade de France performance in ...

Country: France

Stars: Gims, Chaz Hodges, Maître Gims

7.3 IMDB Rating 44 Views 96 min Runtime
Father & Sons 2019

Joseph and his two sons, Joachim and Ivan, form a close-knit family but fail to see that each one is losing control o...

Country: Belgium, France

Stars: Vincent Lacoste, Benoît Poelvoorde, Mathieu Capella,

5.4 IMDB Rating 2 Views 90 min Runtime
Ricordi? 2019

A long love story, seen through the memories of one young couple. The journey through the years of two individuals, u...

Country: France, Italy

Stars: Luca Marinelli, Linda Caridi, Giovanni Anzaldo,

7.326 IMDB Rating 1 Views 106 min Runtime
School for Love 1955

At the Conservatory of Vienna the student only have eyes for their beautiful singing teacher, tenor Eric Walter.

Country: France

Stars: Jean Marais, Brigitte Bardot, Isabelle Pia,

4.3 IMDB Rating 59 Views 96 min Runtime
All About Actresses 2009

While shooting a documentary about all kinds of actresses, the director falls for one of them.

Country: France

Stars: Jeanne Balibar, Romane Bohringer, Julie Depardieu,

6 IMDB Rating 2 Views 105 min Runtime
The Mystery of the Eiffel Tower 1928

The Mironton Brothers are part of a fairground attraction. One of them comes into a large inheritance, but the Friend...

Country: France

Stars: Tramel, Gaston Jacquet, Alexandre Mihalesco,

5.7 IMDB Rating 2 Views 132 min Runtime
A Trip to the Moon 1902

Professor Barbenfouillis and five of his colleagues from the Academy of Astronomy travel to the Moon aboard a rocket ...

Country: France

Stars: Georges Méliès, Bleuette Bernon, Victor André,

8 IMDB Rating 52 Views 14 min Runtime
Carmen 1984

A film version of the famous Bizet opera, where a soldier (Don Jose) falls in love with a beautiful factory worker (C...

Country: Italy, France

Stars: Julia Migenes, Plácido Domingo, Ruggero Raimondi,

6.72 IMDB Rating 3 Views 152 min Runtime
Small Change 1976

Various experiences of childhood are seen in several sequences that take place in the small town of Thiers, France. V...

Country: France

Stars: Jean-François Stévenin, Virginie Thévenet, Chantal Mercier,

7.157 IMDB Rating 5 Views 104 min Runtime