Putlocker "French" Movies

Dunkirk 2017

The story of the miraculous evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain, Canada and France, who were cut off ...

Country: France, Netherlands, United Kingdom,

Stars: Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Aneurin Barnard,

7.4 IMDB Rating 414 Views 107 min Runtime
Only God Forgives 2013

Julian, who runs a Thai boxing club as a front organization for his family's drug smuggling operation, is forced by h...

Country: Denmark, France, Sweden,

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm,

5.9 IMDB Rating 198 Views 90 min Runtime
Mission: Impossible - Fallout 2018

When an IMF mission ends badly, the world is faced with dire consequences. As Ethan Hunt takes it upon himself to ful...

Country: China, United States of America, France,

Stars: Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Ving Rhames,

7.4 IMDB Rating 378 Views 147 min Runtime
On Fait Salon 2020

Hairdressing salons, or beauty salons, have always been a place where most people feel comfortable to vent and talk a...

Country: France

Stars: Ali Abdallah, Warren Chambina, Arsène Chapron

0 IMDB Rating 671 Views 25 min Runtime
I comete: A Corsican Summer 2021

Summer in Corsica. In a Corsican village nestled in the mountains everyone experiences summer in his or her own way: ...

Country: France

Stars: Jean-Christophe Folly, Pascal Tagnati, CĂ©dric Appietto,

0 IMDB Rating 6 Views 124 min Runtime
Autumn 2004

Jean-Pierre is a hit man in Paris. He wants to stop; an incentive is reconnecting to Michelle, a childhood friend. He...

Country: France, United States of America

Stars: Laurent Lucas, Irène Jacob, Benjamin Rolland,

5.8 IMDB Rating 633 Views 110 min Runtime
Précieux 2020

Julie doesn't manage to fit in at her school. The arrival of Émile, an autistic child, will change all that.

Country: France

Stars: Jeanne Martin-Prunier, Tristan Collet, Lou Lefèvre

6 IMDB Rating 614 Views 14 min Runtime
Quelle que soit la longueur de la nuit 2020

Country: France

Stars: Omar Diop, Daniel Cohn-Bendit

0 IMDB Rating 664 Views 78 min Runtime
Sentimental Education 1998

The story revolves around the lives of a group of international fashion models, focusing on the main character, Fabri...

Country: Netherlands, France, United Kingdom

Stars: Clément Sibony, Julie Gayet, Arsinée Khanjian,

6.8 IMDB Rating 8 Views 90 min Runtime
Wedding Unplanned 2017

When she discovers a wedding planer's business card, Alexia instantly says, "YES" to Mathias unaware that it belongs ...

Country: France

Stars: Reem Kherici, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Sylvie Testud,

6.1 IMDB Rating 50 Views 94 min Runtime
Jules CĂ©sar 2011

Live performance 10 February 2011 at the Palais Garnier. Emmanuelle Haïm conducting Le Concert d'Astrée and les Cho...

Country: France

Stars: Lawrence Zazzo, Natalie Dessay, Isabel Leonard,

8.5 IMDB Rating 35 Views 217 min Runtime
Anna Karenina 2012

Trapped in a loveless marriage, aristocrat Anna Karenina enters into a life-changing affair with the affluent Count V...

Country: France, United Kingdom

Stars: Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson,

6.7 IMDB Rating 203 Views 130 min Runtime
Les Misérables 2019

Inspired by the 2005 riots in Paris, Stéphane, a recent transplant to the impoverished suburb of Montfermeil, joins ...

Country: France

Stars: Damien Bonnard, Alexis Manenti, Djibril Zonga,

7.8 IMDB Rating 174 Views 102 min Runtime
Devil's Due 2014

An unexpected pregnancy takes a terrifying turn for newlyweds Zach and Samantha McCall.

Country: United States of America

Stars: Zach Gilford, Allison Miller, Sam Anderson,

4.4 IMDB Rating 261 Views 89 min Runtime
Home Sweet Home 2013

A young married couple comes home from a date night to discover that they are imprisoned in their own house with a me...

Country: France, Canada

Stars: Marty Adams, Shaun Benson, Meghan Heffern,

5.4 IMDB Rating 37 Views 80 min Runtime
The Theatre Bizarre 2011

Down a seedy city street in her neighborhood, young Enola Penny is obsessed with what appears to be a long abandoned ...

Country: Canada, United States of America, France

Stars: Udo Kier, Virginia Newcomb, Amanda Marquardt,

5.2 IMDB Rating 95 Views 114 min Runtime
A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon 2019

When an alien with amazing powers crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep goes on a mission to shepherd t...

Country: France, United Kingdom

Stars: Justin Fletcher, John Sparkes, Amalia Vitale,

7 IMDB Rating 0 Views 87 min Runtime
Need for Speed 2014

The film revolves around a local street-racer who partners with a rich and arrogant business associate, only to find ...

Country: France, India, Philippines,

Stars: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots,

6.3 IMDB Rating 282 Views 130 min Runtime
All the Dead Ones 2020

The story of the decline of the Soares family in the final months of the 19th century. Isabel is the dying mother, an...

Country: Brazil, France

Stars: Mawusi Tulani, Clarissa Kiste, Carolina Bianchi,

9 IMDB Rating 6 Views 120 min Runtime
Diva 1981

Jules, a young Parisian postman, secretly records a concert performance given by the opera singer Cynthia Hawkins, wh...

Country: France

Stars: Frédéric Andréi, Richard Bohringer, Roland Bertin,

7 IMDB Rating 8 Views 117 min Runtime
Mon Oncle 1958

Genial, bumbling Monsieur Hulot loves his top-floor apartment in a grimy corner of the city, and cannot fathom why hi...

Country: France, Italy

Stars: Jacques Tati, Jean-Pierre Zola, Adrienne Servantie,

7.4 IMDB Rating 77 Views 118 min Runtime
Non-Stop 2014

Bill Marks is a burned-out veteran of the Air Marshals service. He views the assignment not as a life-saving duty, bu...

Country: France, United Kingdom, United States of America

Stars: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Scoot McNairy,

6.8 IMDB Rating 77 Views 106 min Runtime
The Endless Trench 2019

A small village in Huelva, Andalusia, Spain, 1936. Higinio and Rosa have been married only for a few months when the ...

Country: Spain, France

Stars: Antonio de la Torre, Belén Cuesta, Vicente Vergara,

7.1 IMDB Rating 112 Views 148 min Runtime
Limonov 2020

The outrageous story of Eduard Limonov, the radical Soviet poet who became a bum in New York, a sensation in France, ...

Country: France, Italy


0 IMDB Rating 56 Views 90 min Runtime
The Gravedigger 2020

Middle-aged Guled, a struggling gravedigger living in the slums of Djibouti City, is working hard to make ends meet. ...

Country: Finland, France, Germany

Stars: Omar Abdi, Yasmin Warsame, Kadar Adboul-Aziz Ibrahim

0 IMDB Rating 715 Views 90 min Runtime
Fires in the Dark 2020

Seventeenth century. Set in a small village, nestled between the sea and the mountain, the father of Alan, a young fi...

Country: Belgium, France

Stars: Ana Girardot, Igor van Dessel, Jérémie Elkaïm,

0 IMDB Rating 4 Views 94 min Runtime
Adieu Monsieur Haffmann 2021

Paris 1942. François Mercier is an ordinary man who only aspires to start a family with the woman he loves, Blanche....

Country: France

Stars: Daniel Auteuil, Gilles Lellouche, Sara Giraudeau,

0 IMDB Rating 12 Views 90 min Runtime
Madame Irma 2006

Francis, who is in his forties, manages the French subsidiary of an American high-tech company. But the shareholders ...

Country: France

Stars: Didier Bourdon, Pascal LĂ©gitimus, Arly Jover,

5.5 IMDB Rating 10 Views 90 min Runtime
Just Me 1950

Maurice Vallier, nicknamed "Ma Pomme"(which means "myself" in slang), is a cheerful man, well aware that money does n...

Country: France

Stars: Maurice Chevalier, Sophie Desmarets, Odette Barencey,

6.5 IMDB Rating 60 Views 102 min Runtime
Tightrope Walkers 2021

What is the thickness of the wall that separates us from insanity? No one knows what it's made of and no one knows wh...

Country: France


0 IMDB Rating 1 Views 75 min Runtime
Cotton Mary 1999

A British family is trapped between culture, tradition, and the colonial sins of the past.

Country: France, United Kingdom, United States of America

Stars: Greta Scacchi, Madhur Jaffrey, James Wilby,

5.3 IMDB Rating 0 Views 124 min Runtime
Douce 1943

In Paris in 1887, Irène works as a governess to Douce, the grand-daughter of the dowager Countess de Bonafé. Douce ...

Country: France

Stars: Jean Debucourt, Roger Pigaut, Odette Joyeux,

7.4 IMDB Rating 0 Views 109 min Runtime