Putlocker Movie Results for "punishment" 1

Dead Man's Shoes 2004

A soldier returns home to his small town and exacts a deadly revenge on the thugs who tormented his dimwitted brother...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Paddy Considine, Gary Stretch, Toby Kebbell,

7.1 IMDB Rating 69 Views 90 min Runtime
Poison 1991

Three intercut stories about outsiders, sex and violence. In "Hero," Richie, at age 7, kills his father and flies awa...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Scott Renderer, James Lyons, Edith Meeks,

6.4 IMDB Rating 58 Views 85 min Runtime
The Lobster 2015

In a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are ...

Country: France, Greece, Ireland,

Stars: Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Léa Seydoux,

7 IMDB Rating 170 Views 118 min Runtime
Frailty 2001

A man confesses to an FBI agent his family's story of how his religious fanatic father's visions lead to a series of ...

Country: Germany, United States of America, Italy

Stars: Bill Paxton, Matthew McConaughey, Powers Boothe,

7 IMDB Rating 88 Views 100 min Runtime
Parental Guidance 2012

Artie and Diane agree to look after their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents need to leave town for...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei,

5.8 IMDB Rating 109 Views 104 min Runtime
Only God Forgives 2013

Julian, who runs a Thai boxing club as a front organization for his family's drug smuggling operation, is forced by h...

Country: Denmark, France, Sweden,

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm,

5.9 IMDB Rating 189 Views 90 min Runtime
The Throne 2015

Ancient Korea, July 4, 1762. The Crown Prince Hyojang, posthumously named Sado, son of King Yeongjo of Joseon, is acc...

Country: South Korea

Stars: Song Kang-ho, Yoo Ah-in, Moon Geun-young,

6.9 IMDB Rating 51 Views 126 min Runtime
The Image 1975

Jean discovers that Anne cannot get enough of being humiliated by her mistress, Claire. Gentleman that he is, he deci...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Marilyn Roberts, Carl Parker, Mary Mendum,

7 IMDB Rating 75 Views 89 min Runtime
The Wild Boys 2018

In the beginning of the 20th century, five children on the island of La Réunion commit a savage crime. As punishment...

Country: France

Stars: Pauline Lorillard, Vimala Pons, Diane Rouxel,

6.7 IMDB Rating 98 Views 111 min Runtime
Norte, the End of History 2013

A man is wrongly jailed for murder while the real killer roams free. The murderer is an intellectual frustrated with ...

Country: Philippines

Stars: Sid Lucero, Angeli Bayani, Archie Alemania,

7.5 IMDB Rating 82 Views 250 min Runtime
Caligula 1979

The perversion behind imperial Rome, the epic story of Rome's mad Emporer. All the details of his cruel, bizarre reig...

Country: Italy, United States of America

Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Teresa Ann Savoy, Helen Mirren,

5.5 IMDB Rating 150 Views 156 min Runtime
The Magdalene Sisters 2002

Four women are given into the custody of the Magdalene sisterhood asylum to correct their sinful behavior: Crispina a...

Country: Ireland, United Kingdom

Stars: Anne-Marie Duff, Nora-Jane Noone, Dorothy Duffy,

7.5 IMDB Rating 147 Views 119 min Runtime
The Hill 1965

North Africa, World War II. British soldiers on the brink of collapse push beyond endurance to struggle up a brutal i...

Country: United Kingdom

Stars: Sean Connery, Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen,

7.6 IMDB Rating 111 Views 123 min Runtime
My American Uncle 1980

Prof. Henri Laborit uses the stories of the lives of three people to discuss behaviorist theories of survival, combat...

Country: France

Stars: Gérard Depardieu, Nicole Garcia, Roger Pierre,

7.1 IMDB Rating 84 Views 126 min Runtime
Goodnight Mommy 2014

In the heat of the summer lays a lonesome house in the countryside where nine year old twin brothers await their moth...

Country: Austria

Stars: Elias Schwarz, Lukas Schwarz, Susanne Wuest,

6.8 IMDB Rating 54 Views 100 min Runtime
King of Devil's Island 2010

Based on a true story: Norwegian winter, 1915. On the island Bastøy, outside Oslo, a group of young boys aged 11 to ...

Country: Norway, France, Sweden,

Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Benjamin Helstad, Kristoffer Joner,

7.2 IMDB Rating 20 Views 120 min Runtime
The White Ribbon 2009

Strange events happen in a small village in the north of Germany during the years just before World War I, which seem...

Country: Austria, France, Germany,

Stars: Christian Friedel, Ernst Jacobi, Burghart Klaußner,

7.5 IMDB Rating 46 Views 144 min Runtime
Reaper 2014

Criminals and a beautiful but cunning hitchhiker must battle a supernatural force known as the Reaper.

Country: United States of America

Stars: Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones, Jake Busey,

5.4 IMDB Rating 36 Views 90 min Runtime
The Devil's Carnival 2012

Sinners are invited to a theme park where they endure the repetition of their transgressions. What chances do a conni...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Sean Patrick Flanery, Briana Evigan, Bill Moseley,

6 IMDB Rating 38 Views 55 min Runtime
The Seventh Victim 1943

A young woman searches for her missing sister who, unknown to her, has become involved with a group of Satan worshipp...

Country: United States of America

Stars: Kim Hunter, Tom Conway, Jean Brooks,

6.6 IMDB Rating 105 Views 71 min Runtime
The Wild Child 1970

In 1798, a feral boy is discovered outside the town of Aveyron, France. Diagnosed as mentally impaired, he is relegat...

Country: France

Stars: Jean-Pierre Cargol, François Truffaut, Françoise Seigner,

7.1 IMDB Rating 19 Views 83 min Runtime
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 1972

Matsu, known to the prisoners as Scorpion, is locked away in the bowels of the prison as revenge for disrupting the s...

Country: Japan

Stars: Meiko Kaji, Fumio Watanabe, Kayoko Shiraishi,

7.3 IMDB Rating 23 Views 90 min Runtime
Nobody Gets Out Alive 2013

A group of college students escape their troubled lives but only to find themselves fighting for their lives from a r...


Stars: Jen Dance, Shaun Paul Costello, Chelsey Garner,

3.5 IMDB Rating 5 Views 77 min Runtime