Putlocker TV Series Results for "evil corporation" 1

The Pretender 1996

Jarod is a Pretender – a genius whose exceptional intelligence allows him to assume various identities at will, be ...

Country: USA

7.5 IMDB Rating 697 Views 43 min Runtime
Dollhouse 2009

Echo is a member of a highly illegal and underground group of individuals whose personalities have been wiped clean s...

Country: USA

7.2 IMDB Rating 625 Views 44 min Runtime
Better Off Ted 2009

Ted, a successful but morally conscious man, runs a research and development department at a morally questionable cor...

Country: USA

7.8 IMDB Rating 586 Views 21 min Runtime
Angel 1999

The vampire Angel, cursed with a soul, moves to Los Angeles and aids people with supernatural-related problems while ...

Country: USA

7.9 IMDB Rating 746 Views 41 min Runtime
Rugal 2020

A police detective who loses everything to a criminal organization seeks payback when he gains special abilities thro...

Country: KR, Kr

9 IMDB Rating 686 Views 60 min Runtime
Tiger & Bunny 2011

Tiger & Bunny is a 2011 Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise under the direction of Keiichi Satou...

Country: JP, Jp

5.8 IMDB Rating 548 Views 25 min Runtime