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Greatest Tank Battles 2010

The series show full heat of the mechanized war on screens, analyze arms, protection and tactics of tank troops, usin...

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Apocalypse, Staline 2015

Who was Stalin? The man who defeated Nazism? The “Little Father of the Peoples"? Or the greatest criminal of his t...

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War Stories with Oliver North 208

War Stories is a military history program on the Fox News Channel. Hosted by Oliver North, the program covers a numbe...

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APOCALYPSE the Battle of Verdun 2016

A detailed account of one of the bloodiest battles of World War I. Between February and December 1916, the French and...

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Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State 2005

This documentary series tackles one of history's most horrifying subjects: the Holocaust and the infamous Auschwitz-B...

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Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War 1998

Secrets are divulged and stories of espionage, conspiracy, murder, sabotage and greed are uncovered.

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The Last Czars 2019

When social upheaval sweeps Russia in the early 20th century, Czar Nicholas II resists change, sparking a revolution ...

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Apocalypse la 1ère Guerre mondiale 2014

Colorized historical footage in ascending order of World War 1. Not only the relatively known Flanders and France bat...

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