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C'est comme ça que je t'aime 2020

Huguette and Gaétan, Serge and Micheline send their kids off for three weeks of camp. Alone with their partners, thi...

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Alba 2021


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Eccentric! Chef Moon 2020

Moon Seung Mo is a popular chef. Due to the sudden deaths of his parents by fire, he moves to Seoha Village. His peac...

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Sotus the Series 2016

The "Gear" is one of the engineering mechanical devices in the cogwheel system (as in a clock). Having one signifies ...

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Sachiiro no One Room 2018

A girl (Anna Yamada) is just 14-years-old, but she endures a difficult life. Her parents abuse her at home and she is...

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The Senapatis Vol-1 2019

Based on real events that took place in 1971-1984, The Senapatis Vol-1 follows the journey of a refugee family from e...

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Poetry of the Song Dynasty 2021

Orphaned as a child, Liu E travels to the capital Kaifeng, and later catches the eye of Zhao Heng. Though she was a c...

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Gloria 2021

In a small Breton town, by the water, in a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other, Gloria, a lawyer mot...

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