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Bakuten! 2021

The final summer of middle school, Shotaro Futaba discovers boys gymnastics and is completely enamored by it. Shotaro...

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Lucas the Spider 2017

Follow the adventures of Lucas the Spider!

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Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi 2021

In this story set in the early 1920s, Tamahiko is the son of a wealthy family, but his life is changed forever when a...

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Oddtaxi 2021

This town should look familiar, but suddenly, it's not. The taxi driver Odokawa lives a very mundane life. He has no ...

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Uramichi Oniisan 2021

What happens when the host of a kid's TV show is painfully honest about the tough parts of being an adult?

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Imitation 2021

Ma-Ha is a member of girl group Teaparty. The other members are Ri-A and Hyun-Ji. Since their debut, they haven't ach...

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D4DJ Petit Mix 2021

A mini-anime series featuring characters from the D4DJ Groovy Mix mobile game.

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Go! Live Your Way 2019

Charismatic Mía gets a scholarship to an elite performing arts school, where she makes close friends but clashes wit...

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