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Kengan Ashura 2019

Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and...

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Kandagawa Jet Girls 2019

Jet Racing's wet-n-wild combo of PWC racing and watergun sharpshooting has become mega-popular across the world. Rin ...

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Taisou Zamurai 2020

In the year 2002, the formerly powerful Japanese men's gymnastics team member Shōtarō Aragaki is no longer able to ...

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Free! 2013

The story revolves around Haruka Nanase, a boy who has always loved to be immersed in water, and to swim in it. Befor...

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How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? 2019

Sakura Hibiki is your average high school girl, with a voracious appetite. Noticing her clothes tightening in lieu of...

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Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls 2020

Konomi Kasahara, a junior high school girl, has made a big name after winning numerous competitive puzzle game tourna...

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 2018

In a world very much like our own, great race horses of the past have a chance to be reborn as "horse girls"—girls ...

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Baki 2018

While martial arts champion Baki Hanma trains hard to surpass his legendary father, five violent death row inmates de...

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