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Ginban Kaleidoscope 2005

Ginban Kaleidoscope is a series of light novels written by Rei Kaibara and illustrated by Hiro Suzuhira. A manga adap...

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Lajna 2017

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Two teams of supporters representing their favourite clubs play against each other in a game of virtual football by a...

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Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 1992

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper is an American television sitcom that originally aired on ABC from 1992 to 1997, starring Mar...

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Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 2018

In a world very much like our own, great race horses of the past have a chance to be reborn as "horse girls"—girls ...

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Water Boyy: The Series 2017

This series is based on the 2015 movie Waterboyy. Waii is the most popular member and captain of the Ocean College sw...

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Vne igry 2018

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Iwa Kakeru! Sport Climbing Girls 2020

Konomi Kasahara, a junior high school girl, has made a big name after winning numerous competitive puzzle game tourna...

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