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Masou Gakuen HxH 2016

Hida Kizuna possesses the HHG (Heart Hybrid Gear) ability, but it is not strong enough to make him particularly impor...

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Marginal #4 Kiss Kara Tsukuru Big Bang 2017

On February 13, as snow flurries dance in the air, a new idol unit is born at Pythagoras Production. They are the ido...

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Kitakubu katsudô kiroku 2013

The story follows a group of high school girls who are in the 'Going-Home Club'. Instead of doing regular club activi...

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Suzuka 2005

Yamato Akitsuki travels to Tokyo alone to study in one of the high schools located within the area. He lives in with ...

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Momo Kyun Sword 2014

Momoko is a beautiful young sword fighter who was born inside a peach. She lives with her constant companions—the d...

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Molang 2015

Molang is an affectionate and humorous perspective on the relationship between an eccentric, joyful and enthusiastic ...

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Pupazzo Criminale 2014

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Joshi Kausei 2019

* Based on a comedy slice of life seinen manga by Wakai Ken. Who needs dialog when you're this cute? The beautiful (...

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