Animation Tv Shows

The Simpsons 1989

Set in Springfield, the average American town, the show focuses on the antics and everyday adventures of the Simpson ...

Country: USA

7.993 IMDB Rating 5991 Views 22 min Runtime
Rokudo's Bad Girls 2023

The story follows Tо̄suke Rokudо̄, a timid high school boy who gets bullied by delinquents. He receives a scroll ...

Country: JP Jp

4 IMDB Rating 3 Views 24 min Runtime
Mr. Nobunaga's Young Bride 2019

> One day, a girl who loves me will suddenly appear before me.

Middle school teacher Nobunaga has always...

Country: JP Jp

8.1 IMDB Rating 1 Views 8 min Runtime
The Aristocrat's Otherworldly Adventure: Serving Gods Who Go Too Far 2023

A young man is reincarnated as the son of a noble family, with blessings and big stats!

Country: JP Jp

6.714 IMDB Rating 3 Views 23 min Runtime
Kiff 2023

This series follows Kiff, an optimistic squirrel whose best intentions often lead to complete chaos, and her best fri...

Country: USA

9 IMDB Rating 1 Views 11 min Runtime
Family Guy 1999

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin' Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional...

Country: USA

7.261 IMDB Rating 4155 Views 22 min Runtime
The Ghost and Molly McGee 2021

When a curse from Scratch backfires, he finds himself forever bound to Molly. Despite that, Scratch and Molly form an...

Country: USA

7.9 IMDB Rating 6 Views 11 min Runtime
Watt's Up, Girl? 2023

Liang Xigua is a poor young man struggling to make a living in the cracks of the city. One day, his old refrigerator,...

Country: CN Cn

0 IMDB Rating 2 Views 8 min Runtime
Majestic Prince 2013

In the latter half of 21st century, humans leave the Earth and begin to live in space. In order to adapt to the envir...

Country: JP Jp

8.75 IMDB Rating 6 Views 25 min Runtime
One Stormy Night 2012

We follow the journeys and explorations of Mei, a spirited young goat, and Gabu, a wolf who is also Mei’s courageou...

Country: JP Jp

8 IMDB Rating 2 Views 24 min Runtime
The Great North 2021

Follow the Alaskan adventures of the Tobin family as a single dad does his best to keep his weird bunch of kids close...

Country: USA

5.6 IMDB Rating 181 Views 21 min Runtime
LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

Centuries ago, the beloved Chinese Monkey King used his magical staff to capture and trap the evil Demon Bull King de...

Country: AU CN DK

8.8 IMDB Rating 2 Views 11 min Runtime
Stella of the Theater: World Dai Star 2023

Theater has taken the entire world by storm in the 20th century, and teenager Kokona Ohtori aims to take the big stag...

Country: JP Jp

2 IMDB Rating 5 Views 24 min Runtime

Country: CN

10 IMDB Rating 0 Views 10 min Runtime
Uncle from Another World 2022

After being in a coma for 17 years, Takafumi's middle-aged uncle suddenly wakes up speaking an unrecognizable languag...

Country: JP Jp

7.7 IMDB Rating 3 Views 24 min Runtime
Smiling Friends 2020

Smiling Friends Inc. is a small company whose main purpose is to bring happiness and make people smile. The series fo...

Country: USA

8.047 IMDB Rating 1 Views 11 min Runtime
Full-Time Magister 2016

A family with a struggling father and disabled sister. However, when everyone can only have one major element, Mo Fan...

Country: CN Cn

7.1 IMDB Rating 1 Views 24 min Runtime
Trolls De Troy 2013

WAHA's dad is a Troll's Troll. A super TROLL! And when she grows up, Waha's gonna be super hairy all over like her...

Country: FR Fr

7.5 IMDB Rating 1 Views 7 min Runtime
Summoned to Another World for a Second Time 2023

There was once a man who was summoned to another world, and saved it. Of course, he became too popular there, and tur...

Country: JP Jp

4.2 IMDB Rating 2 Views 24 min Runtime
KONOSUBA – An Explosion on This Wonderful World! 2023

This feisty young wizard will stop at nothing to master the spell that saved her life: Explosion! Megumin, the “Gre...

Country: JP Jp

8.4 IMDB Rating 4 Views 24 min Runtime
Xia Lan 2012

When Nian Chi was a young child, his elder sister was kidnapped in front of him, while he could do nothing but watch,...

Country: CN Cn

8.5 IMDB Rating 2 Views 25 min Runtime
Bossy Bear 2023

In the Korean town-inspired city of Pleasantburg live Bossy Bear and Turtle - a pair of besties who are total opposit...

Country: USA

10 IMDB Rating 5 Views 42 min Runtime
My One-Hit Kill Sister 2023

Asahi, a boy who loves video games is killed in a traffic accident and ends up in another world. He tries to enjoy th...

Country: JP Jp

6.5 IMDB Rating 8 Views 23 min Runtime
Rita og Krokodille 2013

Rita is a small, very determined 4 years old girl. She has a very hungry best friend, Crocodile, who lives in the bat...

Country: DK Dk

7 IMDB Rating 322 Views 5 min Runtime
Elegant Yokai Apartment Life 2017

The high school freshman Yūshi Inaba has to look for new place to live after his high school dormitory burnt down. H...

Country: JP Jp

7 IMDB Rating 2 Views 25 min Runtime
Insomniacs After School 2023

Ganta Nakami is a high school student who suffers from insomnia. He meets Isaki Magari, a girl with the same conditio...

Country: JP Jp

7 IMDB Rating 6 Views 24 min Runtime
The Adventures of Peter and Wolf 2020

The story is about the adventures of an ordinary schoolboy Petya and his friend Wolf, who connects the world of peopl...

Country: RU Ru

9.7 IMDB Rating 5 Views 11 min Runtime
I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too 2023

A door to another world stretches out before a boy who's been brutally bullied all his life. This alternate reality g...

Country: JP Jp

7.6 IMDB Rating 3 Views 24 min Runtime
Monster But Wild 2023

The player Dongdong mistakenly entered the game world "Azure" and changed into a skeleton, the weakest wild creature....

Country: CN Cn

0 IMDB Rating 4 Views 20 min Runtime
Yuri Is My Job! 2023

Worried about her reputation, Hime covers shifts for a cafe manager she accidentally injures to maintain her picture-...

Country: JP Jp

4.5 IMDB Rating 7 Views 24 min Runtime
Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 2023

After 13-year-old super-genius Lunella accidentally brings ten-ton T-Rex, Devil Dinosaur into present-day New York Ci...

Country: USA

6.8 IMDB Rating 5 Views 23 min Runtime
Frog and Toad 2023

Frog and Toad are not at all alike. Frog likes new adventures. Toad likes the comforts of home. Yet despite their dif...

Country: CA USA Ca

1 IMDB Rating 4 Views 42 min Runtime