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Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon 2020

The daughters of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha set out on a journey transcending time!In Feudal Japan, Half-Demon twins To...

Country: JP Jp

1 IMDB Rating 340 Views 25 min Runtime
Senyoku no Sigrdrifa 2020

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 220 Views 25 min Runtime
Maesetsu! 2020

The anime centers on four girls at the full bloom of their youth, working hard to achieve their dreams as they strugg...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 188 Views 25 min Runtime
Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko 2020

When 39-year-old Takebayashi Ryoma dies from blood loss (after sneezing and hitting his head on the ground), he is re...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 185 Views 24 min Runtime
Munou na Nana 2020

It is the year 20XX. Earth was assaulted by monsters that would come to be known as "the Enemy of Humanity." In order...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 322 Views 25 min Runtime
Maou-jou de Oyasumi 2020

Sshhh! Princess Syalis is trying to get a good night's sleep. Some shut-eye. Forty winks. Catch some Z's. Long ago in...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 173 Views 25 min Runtime
Ikebukuro West Gate Park 2020

The story revolves around 20-year-old Makoto, who frequently gets involved in highly dangerous situations, usually ag...

Country: JP Jp

1 IMDB Rating 172 Views 24 min Runtime
Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Arui wa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen 2020

A great war has raged for years between the scientifically advanced Empire and Nebulis, the realm of the witches―un...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 175 Views 25 min Runtime
Noblesse 2020

Raizel awakens from his 820-year slumber. He holds the special title of Noblesse, a pure-blooded Noble and protector ...

Country: KR JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 204 Views 24 min Runtime
Adachi to Shimamura 2020

The second floor of the gym―this was where we always met. It was class time, but of course, there weren't any class...

Country: JP Jp

1 IMDB Rating 164 Views 24 min Runtime
Akudama Drive 2020

Long ago, a war broke out in Japan that pitted Kantou against Kansai and divided the country. Kansai became dependent...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 175 Views 25 min Runtime
Guraburu! 2020

Anime adaptation of Guraburu!, which is 4-koma manga of Granblue Fantasy.

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 168 Views 6 min Runtime
Eternity: Shin'ya no Nurekoi Channel 2020

Anime adaptation of 12 romantic works from the Eternity Books manga label.The complete edition with explicit scenes w...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 192 Views 15 min Runtime
Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 2017

What's your brother like? To Miao, her brother Fen is someone who would tease her and make her explode 100 times a da...

Country: JP Jp

6.5 IMDB Rating 149 Views 3 min Runtime
Taisou Zamurai 2020

In the year 2002, the formerly powerful Japanese men's gymnastics team member Shōtarō Aragaki is no longer able to ...

Country: JP Jp

10 IMDB Rating 191 Views 25 min Runtime
Burn the Witch 2020

Historically 72% of all the deaths in London are related to dragons, fantastical beings invisible to the majority of ...

Country: JP Jp

7.1 IMDB Rating 24 Views 42 min Runtime
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2020

In the late 19th century, the British Empire has become a global power. Due to the strict class stratification, the a...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 190 Views 24 min Runtime
Kamisama ni Natta hi 2020

One day during Yōta Narukami's last summer vacation of high school, a girl named Hina suddenly appears and proclaims...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 209 Views 25 min Runtime
Sore dake ga Neck 2020

Set in a convenience store that seems to be everywhere, through the appearance of a convenience store clerk who does ...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 209 Views 5 min Runtime
Dogeza de Tanondemita 2020

The main character Dogesuaru, who wants to see the naughty bits of girls, has a last resort to persuade them. That is...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 188 Views 5 min Runtime
Alien Nine 2001

Yuri Otani , much to her disgust, has been elected by her class for alien fighting duty. Together with Kasumi Tonime,...

Country: JP

6.8 IMDB Rating 27 Views 30 min Runtime
Hogie the globehopper 2017

Hogie and his friends travel the world, exploring far-flung locales like Buenos Aires, Cairo, Hawaii and the Galapago...

6.6 IMDB Rating 22 Views 12 min Runtime
Disney Tsum Tsum 2015

Disney Tsum Tsum is a series of shorts following the adventures of Tsum Tsums in Disneyland. It premiered o...

Country: JP

7 IMDB Rating 15 Views 2 min Runtime
Ongaku shoujo 2018

There are eleven girls that consist the C-class Ongaku Shoujo idol unit under Pine Records. Despite generating red sa...

Country: JP

5.7 IMDB Rating 22 Views 24 min Runtime
Esther's Notebooks 2018

Based on true stories told by Esther A.*, Esther’s Notebooks draw us into the daily life of a girl talking about sc...

Country: FR Fr

7.8 IMDB Rating 755 Views 2 min Runtime
Robot Carnival 1987

An anthology of various tales with robots being the one common element among them. It consists of nine shorts by diff...

Country: JP

7.2 IMDB Rating 35 Views 10 min Runtime
D4DJ: First Mix 2020

Aimoto Rinku, who has a habit of saying "Happy Around!", has moved back to Japan from abroad, where she transfers to ...

Country: JP Jp

0 IMDB Rating 259 Views 25 min Runtime
Tsukumogami Kashimasu 2018

The series is set during the Edo period, in the Fukagawa ward of old Edo (present-day Tokyo). Because the area is pro...

Country: JP Jp

8 IMDB Rating 27 Views 25 min Runtime
El Hazard: Wanderers 1995

Makoto Mizuhara is working on his latest experiment in the school science lab, but when he takes a break his lifelong...

Country: JP Jp

8 IMDB Rating 31 Views 25 min Runtime
Steven Universe 2019

After saving the universe, Steven is still at it, tying up every loose end. As he runs out of other people's problems...

Country: USA

9 IMDB Rating 128 Views 11 min Runtime
Bumps 2020

Bumpety Boo is an anime children's television show produced by the Nippon Animation company from 1985 to 1986. The se...

Country: JP UK

6.7 IMDB Rating 19 Views 30 min Runtime
Anca a Pepík 2017

Country: CZ

8 IMDB Rating 15 Views min Runtime